The Village Of Eskikaraağaç … Turkish Village Of Lokalaq

Publish Date: 11/07/2019

In the northwestern state of Bursa this summer, the village of eskikaraağaç hosted thousands of visitors to see its nests built on the shores of a lake in the region.

The village of Eskikaraağaç, a town in the town of Bajra Bay, is also known as the Lalakal village because storks are inhabited during the summer seasons.

In an interview with Anatolia, Ali Uzkan, mayor of Bay, said that storks have built more than 100 nestlings on the banks of the Oulu Abat lake in the village of Aski Kara Agag this summer.

He added that about 500 birds stoned spent summer in the Turkish village, and begin to migrate again in recent days, to warm areas.

He explained that the eskikaraağaç has the advantages of tourism, as well as agriculture and livestock, noting that the village has beautiful beauty, and embraces storks annually.

He said that the village received this summer, more than 150 thousand visitors, stressing the increase in visitors to the region year after year.

The Mayor confirmed that they are implementing several projects to enhance tourism infrastructure and raise the number of storks in the village.

He reported that the municipality had set up a wall of memories in the village, which included pictures of countries belonging to the Union of European Climatic Villages.

He added that the municipality built social facilities to meet the tourism requirements, and established two walking and cycling courses around the lake.

Ozkan confirmed that they had moved the power cords in the area to the ground, and after removing the electric wires they built a nest for the stork birds over their columns.

He pointed out that they are doing everything they can to provide comfort for storks in the area.

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