Amendments to the ideal age for enrollment of children in Turkish schools

Publish Date: 08/07/2019

The Turkish Ministry of Education has introduced amendments to the ideal age for children to enroll in the first stages of primary school in state schools through a decision in the Official Gazette on Friday.

Under the new regulation, the child must be 69 months old by September to start primary education, after 66 months.

Children in the 6-14 age group are also required to attend compulsory primary education.

Compulsory education in Turkey is 12 years, divided between primary and secondary schools. The semester begins in September and lasts until June.

In May, the Turkish Ministry of Education announced a new educational system that shortens the summer vacation and replaces it with two short terms.

The new system will be implemented in the next school year and will start on May 9 and end on June 19, 2020 with 180.5 academic days.

The Turkish Ministry of Education delivered the summer vacation to 11 weeks after it was 13 weeks earlier, and this period will be compensated for two holidays in April and November.

The ministry’s goal of the new system is to increase student productivity and give students and teachers time to relax, Turkish Education Minister Zia Seljuk said at the time.

He added that the reason for the launch of this system is that “Turkey is one of the countries with the longest summer vacation in the world and therefore we decided to shorten the duration of this holiday and add it for the academic year.”

Data from education indicate that nearly 18 million students are receiving education in Turkish schools.

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