Questions About Iraqi Ownership In Turkey

Publish Date: 26/02/2019

Can Iraqi citizens own property in Turkey?

Yes, Iraqi citizens can own a property. Where the laws of the Republic of Turkey permit in addition to that it provides facilities for the purpose of investment. 
The Iraqi citizen can buy the property he wants and transfer ownership on the same day in accordance with the law issued in 2012. The Iraqi needs to be approved by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, and the implementation of the Turkish Tabo these procedures after submission of the necessary papers, Internal or Turkish Foreign Ministry.

In this context, Iraqis issue the list of the most popular foreigners for Turkish real estate, where Iraqis are issued for the years 2015, 2016 and 2017. The number of properties owned by the Iraqis in 2017 amounted to 3 thousand and 900 properties, an increase of not less than 20% from the previous year 2016.

Can Iraqis get real estate in Turkey?

Yes but after owning the property in Turkey they can get it. 
By providing the official documents required for residence such as the title deed, passport, health insurance, tax number, papers confirming the existence of a bank account in Turkey, and other papers that we will mention in other articles. 

The duration of the residence shall be one year renewable. Where the renewal of this residence after the end of the year in case of not selling the property. 
By owning a property in Turkey you will get a title deed with real estate for you and your family. Children under the age of 18 can benefit from the title deed by obtaining residency in Turkey.

Can Iraqis inherit property in Turkey?

Iraqi citizens can inherit property in Turkey because there is no law prohibiting this. 
Once a property is purchased by a person who has a life-long property title, that title proves the right of the person. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis now own property in Turkey without any problems.

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