“Vital” .. the city of waterfalls charming central Anatolia

Publish Date: 09/07/2019

Yahyalı is the second largest city in the state of Kayseri in the center of Anatolia and is 81 kilometers southward. With a population of 36,000 and 77 inhabitants according to the statistics of 2016 and rising 1210 meters above sea level.

It was an important living site between 3500 BC and 375 AD between Cappadocia and Chocorova. The Hittites, Persians, Persians, Macedonians, and Romans were virtually ruled in 1040 AD by Sayyid Ali, Yahya Ali “, nicknamed Yehya Ghazi.

During the reign of the Turkish Republic, it was annexed to Develi until it was transformed into a city in 1954. It is characterized by its beautiful nature and its charming waterfall and the most beautiful tourist areas.

1- Kapuzbaşı Falls

Located north of the village of Küçükçakır, about 55 km from the center of Yihali and 165 km from the center of Kayseri state.

It consists of 7 waterfalls, 5 large and 2 small, whose water falls from a height of 30 to 76 meters in winter and summer.

2- Elif Şelalesi Waterfall

One of the seven Cabos Bashi Falls, located within the national park of Aladaglar, features a strong flow of up to 28,000 liters per second, where the Alalabic fish live.

3 – Yeşilköy Şelalelleri Falls

It follows the village of Yashil Kui of Yahali city. It consists of two cisterns, one of which flows from a height of 20 meters and the other from 10 meters. It consists of the flow of Zamantı Irmağı.

4. Zamantı Vadisi 2

It is about 50 km long, with the Zamanti River, an ideal destination for rowing enthusiasts, surrounded by a natural environment, a green cover, trails for hiking enthusiasts and hiking.

Five lakes Yedi Göller

Located in the national park of Aladaglar, 70 km from the city center, it is seven huge lakes made up of snow and ice water, favored by lovers of camping, mountain climbing and parachute jump.

6. Hager Ormanı Forest

About 80 km away from Yahaley, it covers a vast area of ​​18,000 hectares and is supervised by the Directorate of Forest Protection in Yahaley. It is rich in trees such as crocodiles, oak, pine and cedar, intended for camping lovers.

7. Yahyalı Ulu Camii

At the entrance there is the words “Baina Ali Reza Effendi in 1900, birth.” And its lover is decorated with blue “Chini” tiles and a pulpit made of white marble.

8. Sultan Sazlığı Kuş Müzesi Museum of Birds

It is located in the Sultan Sangili Park, with 40 species of stuffed birds, and receives thousands of visitors annually.

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