“Nafshair” .. Turkish city under the ground

Publish Date: 05/07/2019

The Turkish city of Nafshahir is described as the largest underground city in the world and contains houses, schools, food stores and water wells.

With its beautiful monuments and its archaeological museum, which includes Byzantine, Roman, Ottoman and some interesting mosques. It is worth visiting. It is

not unusual to find an underground city in Nafshahir province. It contains 36 of these cities. Turkish archaeologists believe that there are more than 100 cities It has not been found yet. Historically, the inhabitants of this region have dug caches and shelters in the volcanic rocks that form the bulk of Nafshir’s terrain, taking advantage of the ease of drilling and hardening of these rocks after touching the outside air.

Nafshahir, who discovered an approach to Cappadocia discovered recently in Turkey, is an underground city in Anatolia, about 5,000 years old and believed to be the largest in the world. Cappadocia dates back to the eighth century BC and Christians lived until 1923. Antiquities and discoveries in which the lives of ancient peoples are taught.

Archaeological research is the only way to reveal the life of societies that existed before the invention of writing nearly five thousand years ago.

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