Transportation cards in Istanbul and its types

Publish Date: 03/07/2019

ISTANBUL KART is a multi-card prepaid card that is similar to bank cards.

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ISTANBUL KART named Best Transportation Card in the world in 2016.

The card is used in ten types of transport, including land, sea, underground, etc. The city also has 700 machines for packing and shipping cards, 2200 points for purchase and packing, 22 specialized centers for ordering and collecting cards, and two online card application centers.

It can be filled with the amount you want for transportation.

The Istanbul Municipality has once again completed the steps to implement the Istanbul Taxi (a smart card used to pay for public transport) to pay taxi fare.

Mavi Kart Blue Monthly Transportation Card

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This card is suitable for people who travel extensively in Istanbul, such as employees and people who are forced to use public transport significantly

This card is different from the ordinary Istanbul card, which is subject to subscription, which is personal, which no one else can use other than the owner. The subscriber’s information is printed on the card and the cardholder’s picture. This card is valid for two years from the date of issue.

The cost of the subscription and application for the first time is 10 Turkish Liras paid when you apply and after receiving the card, the balance is charged at TRY 210 per month to give you the possibility of using any public transport means approximately 180 times during the same month.

The card will be requested from the approved locations or you can apply directly via the internet and the card will be sent to your registered address.

The card is shipped from the same kiosks that you sell, and from the metro stations as well.

Indirimli Kart Low Transportation Ticket

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Is a special card for students and students, which offers discounts of up to 50% on all public transport within the city.

Free transport card Ücretsiz Kart

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It is free of charge and can be used by all public transporters free of charge. It is provided by all over the age of 65, military commanders, their families, municipal employees, their families and journalists, as well as families of martyrs, 40% disabled persons, athletes and anyone who provides excellent services to the state.

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