British study: Marmaris is the cheapest tourist destination in Europe

Publish Date: 03/07/2019

A study by the British Post Office of Currency and Tourism ranked the Turkish town of Marmaris on the Mediterranean as the cheapest tourist destination in Europe.

The study, which was published by The Telegraph and included 15 tourist destinations, revealed that the Marmaris resort is the cheapest option in Europe. It comes before Bulgaria’s Sani Beach resort, Costa del Sol and other Greek, Croatian, French and Italian resorts.

According to the study, the daily needs of tourists in Marmaris cost £ 80, £ 84 at Sany Beach, £ 97 at the Costa del Sol resort, and £ 200 in Nice, French and Ibiza resorts Spanish, and Italian Sorrento that topped the most expensive European tourist destinations.

Turkey has been one of the best tourist destinations in Europe for a long time, and the decline of the Turkish lira in recent months has made it the best destination for Britons. The Postal Authority study showed a 36 percent annual drop in prices in Marmaris.

She explained that a family of four people can eat in Marmaris food for only £ 10, compared to 32 pounds for the same meal in Nice French, and the price of ice cream in Marmaris 73 pence, while in Nice 1.80 pounds.

Andrew Brown, a spokesman for the Postal and Currency Administration of the Postal Authority, said that the large variation in the costs of European resorts would be useful for checking before choosing a destination. For families that have not yet been booked, low resort prices in Turkey and Bulgaria make this States bets fantastic in the euro area.

British bookings for Turkey, the start of the summer season, have risen 69 percent compared to last year, according to the British Travel and Tourism Agency. Expectations for the UK’s bookings this year are expected to be high in Turkey in 2015.

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