Turk Telecom launches the seventh edition of the Entrepreneurial Support Program

Publish Date: 06/07/2019

The new Istanbul Airport was awarded a special honor by Global Traveler, a US-based monthly travel magazine with global reach and connectivity with frequent travelers who consume luxury products and enjoy excellent travel and accommodation opportunities.

In Los Angeles on 16 May, Istanbul Airport won the Private Investment Award for the “Extraordinary Innovation” category.

“Istanbul Airport has been awarded several times for its unique architecture, tower design and most importantly for social responsibility projects. We are proud to win this prestigious award from Global Traveler, one of the most widely read magazines in the United States. On the other hand, the airport wins an award in the innovation category and the fact that we won this prestigious award, which was awarded to Singapore after Shanghai airport last year, proves the superiority of the airport to many projects in the world. With our work, Istanbul Airport will be Turkey’s gateway to the world and will be rewarded in the coming period thanks to its experience in serving passengers. “

The criteria for the award of the Istanbul airport include innovation, environmental initiatives and the impact of leadership on community empowerment.

Source: Agencies

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