Types Of Ownership Bonds (Taboo) In Turkey

Publish Date: 04/02/2019

The first thing in the mind of everyone interested in buying property in Turkey is the types of title deeds, especially since it must take a complete, correct and comprehensive idea of ​​it:

Full title deeds

Which are registered real estate ownership after the completion of the establishment completely, and appointed independent sections with the approval of the use of each section separately, and organizes each section of the title of full ownership of his own, proving ownership of the bond on the independent section of the building mentioned

Land Bonds

They are real estate that is registered as empty pieces valid or unfit for reconstruction

This piece of land must be located within an area covered by the reconstruction plan to qualify as a land suitable for reconstruction. However, acquiring the land does not mean that a building permit can be built on it, On the status of the area and its entry into the reconstruction plan, as the piece may be located on the road or dedicated to a park or a green area and the like.

As for agricultural land, it is necessary to verify its status. The land or the piece registered in the Tabu document may be agricultural land, which has been given the status of reconstruction due to a change in the reconstruction plan in the area, while remaining in Sindh (agricultural land) Do not change the sex of the property and these cases are common, so you must first provide information from the municipalities concerned

Building Bonds

In this type of taboo, remember the main public property information, without mentioning the information about the independent sections of the property. This means that the property is registered as a unit that is not divided into separate sections, such as independent houses, sheds, warehouses, factories and similar buildings.


Is the taboo bonds that register each section of the property separately, in the sense that a suitable project is planned for construction on a designated plot of land, then approval of construction is taken, and then the project is divided into separate sections (such as apartments within the architecture) The location of the independent section and its information, regardless of whether or not the project has been initiated, and mentions the sex of the property in such bonds as a colonial or agricultural land due to the non-completion of construction of the project. After completion of construction and obtaining housing approval, Property ownership.

Concordance and property registration floor

The property register is required to protect the rights of the landlord. The title deed is the document obtained to show that the owner owns the property on the specified floor of the building. The record of the ownership of the floor is a brief proof that the building has been fully constructed in accordance with the building law.

There is another record called the temporary escrow that the construction contractor usually issues to obtain the necessary financing for the project. This record specifies the shares of the property and the share of each owner. In the temporary escrow registry, the middle square is only marked in the title deed, The title of the bond of title is not the title of the deed of title. This type of real estate bond is defined as the stage to be passed before the title is obtained, and the easement evidences the title of the bond holder in the construction to be constructed or to be constructed over a certain piece of land, Which is not yet finished, but it m In the case of completion of the project or building, with the approval of the municipality, if it meets the Turkish standard conditions and standards, the bond of easement becomes a title deed.

Building contractors usually present the characteristics of the building to be sold to the buyer by means of this register, in the form of a detailed description of the features, but on the other hand, it is necessary to obtain the title document because this document enables the landlord to obtain the housing license.

Transitional title deeds (Musharaka bond)

Transitional ownership is the property right in the property for a fixed period of the year. The transitional ownership of the property is determined at 7, 10 or 15 days per year. This means: the purchase of a property in conjunction with the period of use of the property, which is common in private properties for holidays and the like, Owner with all rights of ownership of the sale, lease and waiver of his right to other persons.

What do we find in the title document?

  • Address where the apartment number, building number, street, area and city are mentioned
  • The owner of the property
  • Name of the owner of the property
  • Land registration number for construction in Turkey
  • The type of land and whether it is suitable for construction or not
  • The area of ​​the land on which the construction project is constructed
  • The area of ​​the property with floor number and building number
  • Property value

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