The Most Common Questions About Turkish Citizenship

Publish Date: 22/01/2019

1.  Should foreign investors buy a property worth $ 250,000 or can they collect the value of a group of properties, each worth less than $ 250,000, to exceed the minimum?

Investors can collect a range of properties instead of buying a single property worth $ 250,000.

The valuation is the total investment cost that was actually implemented after 19 September.

2.  Is citizenship granted to property owned by a group of partners?

The nationality is granted to the owner of the property when only one, does not apply the law in the case of partnership.

3. Will spouses and children of foreign investors be granted the right to Turkish citizenship?

The purchaser obtains  Turkish citizenship  by purchasing a $ 250,000 property and his / her family (spouse and children) under the age of 18 years. This property can also be inherited for future children. 4- Does the decision of nationality include the purchase of real estate with the convenient installment system?

Yes, the property can be purchased by installments.

5. How can I know that the real estate prices I will buy are safe because I am afraid that some companies will fool me? 

The government requires independent evaluation through the private rating companies, which you or you select. This company assesses the apartment, the area and the different alternatives, and then prepares a report that gives all the details about the price of the apartment and assesses the price displayed as normal, high or low. Thus, the government protects investors from paying more than the value of the actual property and protects itself from granting citizenship to the less expensive property than the amount provided to the government.

6. Is nationality given immediately after purchase?

The owner can apply for citizenship as soon as the purchase and transfer procedures have been completed. The procedures for obtaining the property are from 3 to 6 months.

Can a Syrian citizen buy a property with 250 thousand and obtain Turkish citizenship?

The Syrian citizen has no right to own property directly, where he can own property in two cases:

First: by establishing a company in Turkey

Second: The Syrian citizen can own in Turkey through partnership with a Turkish person.

Therefore, the Syrian citizen can not obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment

8. Does the law have this property in certain places in Turkey without the other?

Conditions apply to all properties in their various forms, provided they do not exist in a military zone.

9. When buying a property, can a foreigner apply for citizenship immediately or after three years? How long does it take?

You do not have to wait 3 years until you apply for citizenship because it is one of the conditions stipulated in the law to apply for Turkish nationality to buy the property and restrict it by explaining the prohibition of selling. Therefore, an explanation of the restrictions of the property by refraining from selling for 3 years in the land registry fulfills the legal conditions. This description is recorded with the Land Registry. In terms of the length of time required to obtain Turkish nationality, it depends on the buyer himself and his legal status in Turkey.

10. Can I sell the property after a period of my candidacy for Turkish nationality through real estate investment worth $ 250,000?

You can not sell the property for at least three years. Because of the procedures for the advancement of nationality and the existence of a title to the ownership of a facility undertaking a form of explanation not to sell the property for a period of not less than three years.

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