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Publish Date: 08/07/2019

Because of the proximity of Turkey from most Arab countries geographically, and the fact that it is an Islamic country with customs and traditions that approach Arab countries in most regions. There are large numbers of Arab youth looking for jobs and a better life, or a study of high quality. Turkey is very consistent with most of the Arab expatriates, but many may encounter some obstacles and encounter the negative aspects of Turkish society that have not been taken into account. Therefore, we would like to shed some light on life in Turkey for the Arabs, based on the study of many experiences of the expatriates Turkey is an Arab.

Life in Turkey is in fact different from the stories told by many about them, especially those who came to Turkey for tourism, the tourist of any country is different from the eye of the resident for a period of time, and live and live in Turkey is a bold step for many, especially the families in the sense of married people And they have children, the transition to Turkey is a challenge and has a lot of consequences for children and stability and study, and this may be many people from this step or consider it very difficult, but it does not need more than a study of the negative and positive of this new society .

The charming nature of Turkey:

Turkey is a first class tourist country due to the country’s charming nature and enjoys a good climate and varied with the diversity of the number of Turkish cities, which number 81 Turkish provinces,

Each province has its own beauty and wonderful tourist areas, which are dazzled by tourists of all nationalities.

Cost of Living:

Turkey is an inexpensive country in terms of the cost of living compared to life in many Arab countries, especially in the Gulf. Getting a job with an average salary guarantees you a decent life that includes paying rent for housing, food, drink and transportation, but without additional expenses The cost of living is higher in tourist cities than in other cities that do not rely heavily on tourism. For example, Istanbul, Trabzon and Bursa, the cost of living is higher than that of Ankara. The Turkish capital, but not a city dependent On tourism, so the cost of living is lower than any other tourist city.

Jobs chances:

There are many job opportunities in Turkey in various fields provided that knowledge of the Turkish language, but there are some jobs do not need Turkish language such as working online or work in schools for the Arab communities,

There are many cases in Turkey that do not know Turkish, but language is still an important condition for most jobs in Turkey.

Study in Turkey:

The study in Turkey is characterized by a high level of education, which is attracting large numbers of students wishing to study and complete education in Turkey in all stages of education, both primary and middle schools and higher, and even university studies in all faculties.

The distinguished Turkish economy:

Turkey’s promising economy is an important positive point in Turkey. The great economic progress Turkey is currently enjoying is attracting Arab investors in particular, especially in real estate investments, which are growing every year for the next year. Turkey’s investment support for foreigners has increased the attraction Investment for many investors.

Facilitation of procedures and accommodations:

The Turkish government is making arrangements for foreign residents, especially Arabs, and Turkey has made new amendments for foreigners who guarantee them the right to Turkish residence and citizenship.

For more details on the types of stays in Turkey and the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through the following articles:

Distinguished Medical Care:

Turkey is characterized by the availability of a treatment center and hospitals at the highest level of medical care. These hospitals and centers have been known worldwide, especially in the field of cosmetics and treatment of various types of baldness and surgical procedures, as well as the availability of a private clinic and clinics spread in Istanbul Medical centers and clinics for Arabs,

The Turkish Ministry of Health also enables foreigners to be treated in government hospitals free of charge for births, emergencies and surgeries other than cosmetic surgery.

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