Good News For Palestinians With Travel Documents You Can Own Property In Turkey

Publish Date: 20/03/2019

Is it permissible for Palestinian document holders to own property in Turkey?

A Turkish decision was finally issued allowing all Palestinians to own real estate in Turkey. The Foreign Affairs Department of the Directorate of the Turkish Land Registry issued a new decision on the amendment of the terms of ownership of the Palestinians in Turkey.

The decision included Palestinians carrying travel documents issued by several Arab countries (except for the Syrian document), where in the past the decision allowed the ownership of Palestinians holding only the Palestinian Authority’s passport.

Are there other conditions for owning a Palestinian who holds a travel document to own in Turkey?

There is only one condition, which is the existence of a tourist stay with those wishing to own property in Turkey.

Do Palestinians have the right to acquire Turkish citizenship by purchasing $ 250,000?

Yes, they have the right, and the decision also includes the Palestinians in Turkey.

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